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Nature Spell Clear My Spots Pimple Patches


Fast healing for spots & blemishes

Hydrocolloid Patches – Made with love and care to be effective and suitable for everyone!

36 Translucent Hydrocolloid Patches

Introducing Clear my Spots by Nature Spell, the smarter and more efficient way to handle blemishes. Our pimple patches gently absorb pimple gunk so your spot looks better in just 1 – 2 patches. No picking or popping or any harsh chemicals, 100% vegan!

Our fast-acting 2 in 1 day and night hydrocolloid patches are an easy and discreet way to soothe spots and extract impurities. Designed to camouflage and heal whiteheads and pimples, it gently removes dirt and excess oils for a cleaner, calmer complexation.

  • Forms a barrier to protect the skin
  • Removes dirt and excess oil
  • Prevents picking on the spot which helps in faster healing
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Not Tested On Animals
  • Suitable For Vegan





1. Prep the pimple.
Cleanse the skin and let it dry.

It is essential to let your skin dry after cleansing before applying the pimple patch.

2. Stick the patch on.
First, remove a sheet of patches from their protective pouch.

Carefully then tear the sheet using the perforated line.

Press down lightly for at least 5 seconds making sure the acne patch is sticking securely, especially around the outer edges of the patch.

3. Wait 6+ hours and peel off the patch once it has turned white.
For best results, we always suggest leaving the pimple patches on for 6+ hours and for best results you can leave overnight.

When the translucent part in the middle of the pimple patch has turned opaque white, then you can take it off.

4. Repeat if required
Depending on the stage and the actual size of the pimple, you may need to use another pimple patch to pull out more gunk.

This is normal and just depends on your skin and the pimple itself. This is why we provide 36 pimple patches in each pack.

If required, grab a fresh Clear My Spots pimple patch and repeat from step 1.


Why are Nature Spell's Hydrocolloid Patches better than other brands out there?

The key difference is all to do with the quality of the hydrocolloid used. Most other brands will mix solvents into their hydrocolloid to help speed up production but overall reduces the quality of the patch thus making it less effective. NOT US. Clear My Spots by Nature Spell DOES NOT use any additional solvents or ingredients. This does take longer to produce but in turn, creates a more effective product. We have still maintained our social belief in always creating the highest quality product, effective for all and affordable for all. We don't believe in high prices and are transparent with our ingredients and the prices across our entire range.

How does hydrocolloid work?

Hydrocolloid is an adhesive and waterproof material that creates a moist environment when applied on a spot, which in turn maintains the optimum conditions to heal your spots. They are translucent and help you avoid picking and popping pimples which can create more bacteria and more breakouts. They are gentle acne patches that improve the look of blemishes overnight, without causing irritation to your skin

What spots do they work best on?

They are perfect for whiteheads and spots that have come to a head. They are mostly for spots that have come to a head, as they are made from hydrocolloid which is a moisture absorbing ingredient. However, Clear My Spots patches can help to bring ‘under the skin’ spots to the surface more quickly, which in turn will lead to you being able to remove them faster and clear your skin. They can still be used on all types of spots to keep them clean and protected as they will prevent you from touching, picking and squeezing the spots and exposing them to the environment. The pimple patches create a barrier to protect the skin, even if they cannot completely remove the spots.

How long do I keep the patch on?

For best results, we always suggest leaving the pimple patches on for 6+ hours and for best results you can leave overnight. When the translucent part in the middle of the pimple patch has turned opaque white, then you can take it off.

How many patches does it take to clear a spot up?

This depends on how large and severe the spot is and varies across all skin types. Every spot is different, what we say is that for most skin types, 1 to 2 patches should be enough for one spot and it will do the magic. But do not worry if you have to use more, this is normal and is why we provide a large pack of 36 patches so they last you a long time.

Can I keep them on overnight? What about the shower?

Yes, we recommend using them overnight for best results. They are also waterproof and have strong adhesion, so you can go about your day, even keep them on during your shower without having to worry about the patches falling off.

At what stage during my skincare routine should I apply the hydrocolloid patches?

We recommend cleansing your skin and then applying the pimple patch.

If I need to use more than one patch, can I replace the hydrocolloid patches with a new one straight away? Yes, it is completely fine to remove your dot and replace it with a new one straight away if required to use it again.


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