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Stay On Anti-Breakage Drawstring Bonnet


Stays on all night!

Smooth outside slides on your pillow. Soft inside gently holds cap in place. Prevents breakage and saves your style better than ordinary satin.

Stay on Satin Anti-Breakage is a revolutionary product that prevents hair breakage throughout the night. Stay on Satin Anti-Breakage contains a conditioner built into the material and keeps working for approximately 1-2 months.

  • Made from specially developed patent pending two-sided material that is soft on the inside and satin smooth on the outside.
  • Soft side provides gentle grip to keep the cap in place during the night.
  • Smooth side prevent friction against the pillow that causes breakage.
  • Prevents cotton pillowcases from drying out your hair.
  • Many styles to find just the right fit to provide a cool comfortable nights sleep.


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