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Cantu Detangle & Smooth 2-in-1 Comb Set


Detangle & Smooth 2-in-1 Comb Set

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Upgrade your daily styling tools with Cantu’s Detangle & Smooth Comb Set! This set comes with both a fine-tooth comb and a wide-tooth comb, making it perfect for all your daily styling needs. Use the patterned wide-tooth comb to minimize tangles in curly hair and comb through straightened tresses with ease. The dressing comb features a fine-tooth design to smooth hair into place for a polished look. Cantu’s Detangle & Smooth Comb Set keeps hair healthy, detangled, and in place with a durable design that styles hair of all types. For best results, use with Cantu’s Creamy Hair Lotion and style as desired.

  • 2-in-1 comb set features fine-tooth & wide-tooth combs
  • Detangle wet or dry hair and smooth hair into place
  • Durable design styles hair of all types and textures
  • Perfect for everyday use


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