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Dose & Co. Pure Collagen Peptides (Unflavored)


Hair, Skin & Nail Support

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Powered by premium VERISOL® hydrolyzed collagen, our high-dose Pure Collagen Peptide Powder will see you glow from the inside out. Target fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and complexion, and hair and nail growth with our original glow-boosting blend—clinically shown to help improve skin hydration, texture and elasticity; improve hair thickness; improve nail growth and strength; reduce fine lines and even decrease cellulite.

Sustainably sourced and made from natural ingredients, this combination of Type I and Type III Bovine Collagen Peptides is designed for optimal dissolvability and with high bioavailability, for science-backed, visibly noticeable results. 90% saw an improvement in skin, 91% said nails grew stronger and longer, and 76% said hair was thicker.

Our Collagen Peptides are clinically shown to help:
Increase skin elasticity in just 14 days
Increase skin hydration in 6 weeks
Reduce fine lines around the eyes in 4 weeks
Reduce wrinkles and lines in the face in 12 weeks
Improve skin glow
Firm, smooth and plump skin
Improve skin tone and texture
Enhance skin moisture and improve dehydration
Improve hair thickness and volume
Improve hair hydration levels
Support overall health and condition of hair
Improve nail growth
Improve nail strength and quality
Reduce nail chipping and breakage

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

90% saw improvements in skin quality
89% saw improvements in skin hydration
85% saw improvements in skin elasticity
91% said nails grew stronger and longer
84% said hair grew faster
76% said hair was thicker
97% preferred Dose & Co over their previous brand of collagen
100% would recommend Dose & Co to a friend

^Based on an extensive Consumer Perception Study of 192 people aged 19 to 77, after 28 days of consuming Dose & Co Collagen

Natural ingredients
Sustainably sourced Collagen
Easily blended into hot or cold drinks and recipes
Easily digested and absorbed by the body
Highly bioavailable
Keto friendly
Plastic-free packaging


Types I and III Collagen Peptides (from Bovine sources).

Free from:
Artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners
Dairy, Soy, Eggs and Nuts


Serving Size: 21 grams (about 4 heaped teaspoons)


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