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Fenugreek Powder



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Fenugreek or most commonly ‘methi‘ in Hindi is a popular spice having a strong scent and a pungent flavor. Though it is mostly used for culinary purposes, there are also number of medicinal and beauty benefits of fenugreek powder. So what is Fenugreek powder? Fenugreek powder is the dust form of the spice and is easily available in the market. Here are several fenugreek powder benefits for your health, skin and hair:

••For Hair –

Treats dandruff

Cures baldness

Controls hair fall

Adds shine to hair

Repairs damaged hair

••For Skin –

Reduces signs of aging

Treats oily skin

Reduces skin inflammation

Provides natural glow




100 grams


100% pure Frenugreek seed powder (Methi)


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