The Mane Choice 100% Pure Organic Vegetable Glycerine – 8 oz.


Pure vegetable glycerin

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8 Ounces

This is a RAW Oil – AKA: A Do It Yourself Oil

Vegetable Glycerin is an emollient and soothing humectant which draws moisture.

Benefits: Makes the hair and skin feel softer and smoother.

Facts & Tips:

Vegetable Glycerin is popular as being really good for our skin and hair.
Especially favorable for natural, curly hair.
Generally speaking, people with tightly curled hair find glycerin very beneficial.
It is an excellent natural moisturizer because of its ability to absorb and keep moisture.
Vegetable glycerin is a humectant that is commonly added to hair products.
Dry, brittle hair will benefit from using hair care products made with it.
Direct application of this oil can be extra powerful. Dilute with water and make your own water-vegetable glycerin spritz for your hair.
If you suffer from a dry, flaky scalp, rubbing a small amount of vegetable glycerin into it can alleviate this irritation.
In addition to its moisturizing properties, it also strengthens the hair and makes breakage and split ends less likely.
It is known to prevent hair from breaking during combing.
Vegetable glycerin improves natural hair moisture and elasticity.
It helps to prevent hair breakage.
It stimulates hair growth and improves hair strength.
A great conditioning product for brittle, dry or frizzy hair.

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8 oz.


Pure vegetable glycerin


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